MAC Ute Accessories Ltd Hardlid warranty is to the original purchaser only, subject to the terms and conditions herein for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase for any MAC Ute Accessories Ltd manufactured products and inclusive of powder coat application. If purchase is covered under a preferred supply agreement (refer HERE to see if your vehicle is covered under preferred supply), the vehicle Manufacturers warranty period applies up to a maximum of 36 months.


Hardlid Components - Hardware (Handles), gas struts, seals and any other structural components only are warranted for 12 months. Warranty does not cover any friction damage, wear and tear, obvious misuse, incorrect installation, vehicle structure issues or failure to adhere to the service and maintenance guidelines as outlined below.

MAC Ute Accessories Ltd undertakes to repair, or at our option, replace without cost to the owner either for materials or labour, any product which is found to be defective as determined by MAC Ute Accessories Ltd within the warranty period.

Warranty cover is effective from the date of purchase from MAC Ute Accessories (date of Invoice of supply to the original purchaser).




Any defect identified, issues and the Hardlid serial number must be reported to MAC Ute Accessories directly either by email or the online contact form (see bottom of this page) or through the company from where it was purchased originally.  Notification to MAC Utes should be made immediately after the discovery of any issues and must be made within the warranty cover period of the Hardlid.  MAC Utes will provide a document outlining information required for the assessment to get underway.


The product and  your vehicle must be made available at MAC Ute Accessories (or other location as specified by MAC Ute Accessories) as soon as practicable.


This warranty will not extend to consequential loss or damage to either person or property or expenses such as (but not limited to) freight / delivery expenses of the accessory / vehicle, hire or loss of use, charges, tolls and travelling expenses.




MAC Ute Accessories will only cover warranty issues relating to the installation of a MAC Utes Hardlid for installations which have been undertaken by MAC Ute Accessories or their nominated Installation agent. Warranty cover under this clause does not extend to Hardlids which have been installed by the customer (vehicle owner), vehicle dealer or any non approved installation agent or person.  In this instance, warranty cover will be limited to the Hardlid components only and any other or installation related issues are the responsibility of the installer.


Any wiring of sports bars done during installation of MAC230FR Hardlids is to be done with Genuine looms only supplied by customer/manufacturer or Dealer at time of installation. No other wiring will be covered under the MAC Ute Accessories warranty. 


  • Installation issues that arise where Installation has been undertaken by MAC Ute Accessories (if install has been done by 3rd party installer, all liability and any costs relating to correct the installation related issues will be covered by that installer)

  • All structural components which make up the structure of a MAC Utes Hardlid (ie: sub frame / hinges / star knobs / clamp brackets / Chequer plate / slam latch system / Handle / Struts.  Wear and tear on any of these items is not covered.


  • Any damage to a vehicle during storage and / or installation, costs to repair any such damage is the sole responsibility of whoever is undertaking the installation and has the vehicle in their care. MAC Ute Accessories Ltd OR the approved fitting agent. Thorough inspections of vehicles are to be done with the customer where applicable upon vehicle arrival and again upon collection of the vehicle.

This warranty will not extend to consequential loss or damage to either person or property or expenses such as (but not limited to) freight / delivery expenses of the accessory / vehicle, hire or loss of use of vehicle, charges, tolls and travelling expenses.

Note: Installers are required to follow the supplied the fitting Instruction & installation checklist provided with every hardlid (attached to fitting instructions) and keep it on file with the workshop job card. We may request to see the completed copy to activate warranty cover. (Effective from 04/11/19).





The following items need to be attended to on a regular basis. More frequent service is required in severe off-road conditions. Refer to your recommended maintenance sticker on the underside of your hard lid for further instructions. We recommend these checks are done on a monthly basis.


1. Check all internal and external bolts, tighten if required - we recommend pre-checks before vehicle being driven on 

    gravel roads.

2. Check, clean and replace damaged seals as required.

3. Wash external surface with pH neutral wash detergent.

4. Use graphite powder on lock barrel, slam latches and hinges as required. 

5. Do not use WD40 or similar oil based products as this may result in damage to the powder coat finish.

6. Abrasive compounds are not recommended for polishing or cleaning the powder coated surface.


















Warranty cover does not apply to any component failure or defect caused by:

  • Any abnormal or extreme off-road usage

  • Abuse, Accidental or Malicious damage

  • Removal or defacing of the product serial number

  • Lack of regular servicing as stated on the maintenance list

  • Driving with the hard lid in an open position (unless MACGAP being used).

  • Misuse or Negligence

  • Repossession under financing agreement

  • Non Factory modifications to the product or its components.

  • Water ingress after vehicle has been through high pressure car wash

  • Incorrect Installation / Use of non factory fitting components

  • Damage / Friction damage to wellside as a result of dirt or other residue being present between the Hardlid seal and the wellside of the vehicle. (We recommend also purchasing our wellside paint protection kit to alleviate this risk).


Warranty cover does not apply to any component failure or defect caused by:

  • Any hardlid handle showing physical damage (not faulty) ie: snapped or broken caused by handle or handle cover being left in an open position and unsecured loads on top of and underneath the lid (or any other reason causing similar damage). Faulty handles (seized locks or failing to close correctly) only will be replaced under warranty.


Images below show examples of damaged handles which are not covered under warranty.

Waring Label JPEG.JPG

Time allowances for Warranty work 


Before any work is to be completed under warranty, cover must first be approved by MAC Ute Accessories and the warranty claim procedure followed.  Any and all remedies as instructed by MAC Ute Accessories must be undertaken with products suggested or provided in some cases to resolve the issue. MAC Utes will provide a guideline for the expected time any remedial work should take to rectify the issue.


NOTE: Warranty cover for labour for the removal and replacement of a Hardlid handle is limited to 30 minutes only.


Do you have a potential warranty problem you would like to discuss with us? Please get in touch below.

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