If you are trying to decide between a MAC Utes Hardlid or a Canopy for your vehicle, here are some things to consider and may help you to make your decision.

MAC Utes Hardlid (Aluminium & Stainless Steel)

  • No Windows that can be broken / damaged or broken into

  • No edge trim that can fail over time and fall off

  • Items under the Hardlid are not visible - therefore less risk of theft

  • One key / One lock to be locked before your Hardlid is secure.

  • MAC Utes Hardlids can be easily removed within minutes and refitted just as easily giving you the ability to have your lid on and off your vehicle when suits you.

  • Load rated to carry 100 - 300kg dependent on Hardlid model

  • Allows full use of the flat surface of the Hardlid 

  • All components are sourced / manufactured here in NZ and of the highest quality

  • From 12 up to a 36 month warranty cover 

  • No Drill installation - this means we are not putting any holes into the wellside of your vehicle.

  • Made from 4mm chequer plate and Stainless steel components - strong and durable.

  • Durable powdercoat finish

  • No obscured view through rear window when reversing and / or blind spots

  • Rear window of cab can be cleaned easily

Canopies (Plastic & Fibreglass)

  • 3 Windows + Rear door that can be damaged or smashed and very costly to replace

  • Some canopy brands use a rubber edge trim around the base of their canopies,  this can loose its adhesion over time and become discouloured and or fall off which affects the long term appearance of the canopy.

  • All items in the rear of your vehicle inside your canopy are visible to anyone who looks through the windows

  • Canopies are NOT more water resistant than a MAC Utes Hardlid

  • Some canopies have up to 6 locks that need to be individually locked before your canopy is secure.

  • Canopies once fitted to a vehicle, are not designed to be removed otherwise they lose their water resistance, they are designed to be fitted permanently (not removed on and off as you may need)

  • Canopies (some brands) have been load tested and rated to only 100kg carrying capacity on their roof in conjunction with Roof Racks. Some brands have not been tested and or rated at all.

  • Canopy components can be made up from locally sourced or imported items.

  • Some canopy brands require holes to be drilled into your wellside for the canopy to be fitted, if the canopy is ever removed, these holes will remain.

  • Visibility through rear canopy window can be obscured and create blind spots

  • Cleaning the rear window of the cab can be difficult